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11 August 2011

Why Mobile Marketing is Important to Your Company

Mobile marketing is a relatively new concept. It’s got us, as business people, thinking.

Most of us will be asking ourselves this question (if we haven’t already!) – Should I use mobile marketing as part as my promotional mix or not?

Should I? Shouldn’t I?!

Well, the answer in most cases will be yes, you should! This is why…


The importance of mobile marketing


If you walk away with nothing else from this post, you should walk away with this: The phenomenon is here - The rise of mobile marketing – it’s happening & fast.

The growth of mobile marketing is moving 8x faster than the growth of the internet itself. That’s fact is backed up by the famed Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman – so it’s one to take note of!

Thus – mobile marketing is becoming a serious business tool.

It’s also interesting to know that there are less ‘time-wasters’ using mobile/tablet devices than PC users.

There has been evidence of a 4% conversion rate on e-commerce sites as opposed to less than 1% by web browser visitors. This indicates people are more serious about purchasing when using these devices.


All in all…


In summary, mobile marketing is here and it’s growing.

So, unless you can see a strong reason why mobile marketing is against your businesses best interests, get on board! It really could pay off…