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06 March 2013

World of Ports Site Sets Sail

Senior is excited to announce the successful launch of the new World of Ports website and system.

The ISS World of Ports system provides shipping companies with a comprehensive & searchable web service covering all major wet terminals and berths worldwide. This allows World of Ports clients to fix voyages quickly & safely. The service provides the most comprehensive database of terminal & berth information available for oil and chemical cargos including details on over 1500 ports and 6000 terminals and berths.

The World of Ports system was developed on a RiverCMS platform. The existing ports and terminals database was seamlessly integrated with the RiverCMS directory module to allow for easy searching and display of port details. Additional search functionality was added including the ability to bowse in Google maps and draw search areas. As World of Ports is a paid-for service, the RiverCMS security system is used to deliver a tailored mix of port information to logged in subscribers only.  The public pages in the website are driven by a range of RiverCMS modules including the news module, the form builder module, FAQ’s and password log-in screens passing information to the security module.

We have recieved loads of positive feedback from the World of Ports team and the Senior team are delighted with the end result! Check it out at