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27 August 2014

Your Domain Name: To .uk or Not To .uk

I have always been a bit sceptical about the value or wisdom of using a lot of the top level domain names unless they are the ones that everyone knows namely the .com .org  

However, I do think that the newly launched .uk variant is worth securing. These brand new .uk domains were officially launched a couple of days ago. The most publicised celebrity endorsement of the .uk domain name is Stephen Fry the writer/comedian, he has been a vocal complainer of the for many a year so he's jumped on the shorter version of his domain name 

There are in fact loads of others available or due to roll out over the next 12 months see some examples below and a full list of currently available domain names is here.

  • .uk
  • .company
  • .agency
  • .website


What does this all mean for your brand strategy?  Its not practical to purchase all the domain name variants for your business or brands unless you have deep pockets or such a valuable brand to protect - however its worth thinking about the key domain names you want to remove from the market to protect your interests.

Before you rush off and check your .uk domain name, read this, if you already own the version of your domain then any searches you do will show up as already being taken!

Dont panic, this is because the folk at UK domain registry Nominet were quick to realise that many companies would be caught out and opportunities for cyber squatters high. So, if you already own the then you will have been automatically reserved the .uk equivalent and can buy it up to june 2016.

Check here for the offical Nominet guidance and here to check your domain name rights

If you do want to purchase the .uk then either use your usual provider or ask us to secure it on your behalf.