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Here is your hub for the latest news and advice from the membership, non-profit and charity community. Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world?

Discover more about the digital side of the membership sector.

Here is your hub for the latest news and advice from the membership, non-profit and charity community. Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world?

Discover more about the digital side of the membership sector.

Rolling Versus Fixed Date Membership – Which One Should You Choose?

 One important decision for charities and non-profit organisations to make is the membership system to adopt. Before making this decision, it is important that you first define your organisation’s goals. These goals will put you on the right track and influence your decision...

Improving Membership Engagement

There’s no membership organisation without its members. While attracting members is extremely important, retaining these members is even more crucial to the continuous growth of the organisation.   Building a loyal member base is a time-oriented continuous process that involves...

How to Improve Your Membership Website in 10 Easy Steps

Websites have become increasingly important in recent years. Most especially in 2020 when in-person contact was limited. Whether your membership site is built around a learning environment, community, professional association, or some combination of the above, it is important that it makes a good...

General CRM vs Purpose-Built MMS: Which is Better? 

Many membership and non-profit organisations choose to combine the two platforms. In very different ways, the MMS and CRM system can assist you in achieving your objectives. When you combine the two platforms, you'll have a tech platform that will significantly increase member engagement and attract new members

What is Professional Development?

Professional development refers to all trainings, certifications and education that a professional needs to succeed in his or her career. Different jobs require different skills and even if a worker has the necessary skills now, the job might require additional skills in the future.

How to make the perfect annual report for your association

What should be in your association’s annual report? Typically, if we’re considering an average company, an annual report might contain financial data, corporate activities and so on. Essentially, it would aim to inform stakeholders about the current state of the company. But this...

Time to modernise your association's logo and branding?

Lately, more and more associations are looking to update their identity. But why?

Membership association websites and the importance of goals

One of the more important aspects to think about when designing or changing your membership website is the goal of the website. It can positively influence your design and marketing decisions.

5 things you can do today to boost your membership website's SEO

To rank well in search engines like Google and Bing, a combination of things you do on your website, and things you do off your website are considered. Today we are concentrating on 5 things you can do on your website to improve your standing in search engines.

Revamping your online presence? Let’s start at the very beginning

When creating an online presence, most organisations have just two simple challenges to face when thinking about their marketing: The first is to discover “who we are & what we do”. The second? To tell that to the right people. To embark on tackling the first challenge...

How prepared are you for the GDPR?

If you would like to be better prepared about the GDPR, then read on for some official recommendations from the ICO and some practical advice from ourselves.

Ready, set, go: How games can help grow your membership

In the past we have waxed lyrical about the benefits of a microsite. These benefits cannot be exaggerated enough; a microsite is a handy, money-saving, share- and trackable piece of online content that can target web users and ensure your key campaigns are a hit. They lend themselves perfectly to...

What if I don’t comply with the GDPR?

Your organisation will need to be GDPR ready by the 25th of May, 2018. After this date, an organisation can be penalised if they are shown not to comply with regulations.

Consent & legitimate interest: what's the difference in the GDPR?

We'll explore "consent" and "legitimate interest" in relation to the GDPR and the takeaways for membership organisations.

Your members area: the place where everybody knows your name

Most membership organisations offer a wide variety of benefits to their members from events to publications, but there’s one overarching feature vital to any association’s prosperity that can make your members feel like they’ve arrived at a home from home; the members area. This...

Event booking challenges & stress-free solutions

At Senior we appreciate the importance of events to membership organisations as not only a source of revenue, but a fundamental membership benefit. More and more we’re seeing not-for-profit organisations arranging conference-style events to create a platform for members to exchange ideas...

Is pay-per-click right for membership organisations?

We’ll explore why you might use it for your membership association, some common issues, and how your membership organisation can organise their first PPC campaign.

Senior’s predictions for 2018

Happy New Year! After the carols have been sung and the mincepies reduced to crumbs on your plate, it's time to look forward in contemplation on what the year to come has to offer.

Barriers for membership organisations in the modern world

Barriers of the modern world Membership organisations, like any business, encounter challenges and barriers. Even the simple passing of time brings about changes in an organisations macro-environment that must not be overlooked. It’s not a new concept that times change and businesses...

Pages that pop: how to bring your website to life

As part of the design and development team here at Senior, we are always absorbing trends and tailoring them for membership organisations.