16 February 2012

Say Hello to Our New CMS Module...

You may or may not know that the Senior Studio team has been working incredibly hard on the River CMS system. This hard work is bringing you a steady stream of new features to make your day-to-day job of upgrading the content of your site much easier.

The brand new Form Builder module allows you to create bespoke forms for your website. This means that you can change contact forms to receive the information that you require. You can also use the form builder to setup multiple contact forms for various reasons, such as data collection and competitions.

The new functionality, including a toolbar, allows you to select which type of content you want within the form i.e. drop down or check box. The toolbar also follows you down the page so it is easier for you to select the correct content from the list.

This is one of the modules that are going to be available as an add-on for all our River CMS clients in the next couple of weeks. We are very proud of the work the studio team has done on the new Form Builder module and would love you feedback. Please send your feedback to

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