Boots Opticians Franchise

A clear, crisp site which seamlessly combines sophistication and professionalism with approachability



Their project

Boots Opticians Franchise is dedicated to giving Optometrists throughout the UK the opportunity to open a Boots Franchise branch. The website is designed so that potential Partners can apply and these candidates are carefully vetted so Boots can ensure they find Partners of the highest quality.

Their new site needed to simplify what could be a complex process, while at the same time ensuring that candidates are of a high standard. They wanted a sure-fire way of encouraging skilled optometrists to get in touch, and to provide a hive of information for professionals in the industry.


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Our approach

We provided a bespoke hidden form for applications which is only available to candidates whose authenticity has been verified. Case Studies show visitors what others have done and what to expect. The site is designed for professionals who are constantly on-the-go so it was vital that it functions beautifully on any device.


The outcome

Boots Opticians Franchise want to establish a tone of voice throughout their website, and the new design will further strengthen the Boots brand. The balance of professionalism and approachability that the site conveys will help to achieve their ultimate goal; to encourage talented Optometrists to join the Franchise.


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