A user-friendly and easily navigable site, with a fresh, up-to-date style


Their project

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) is a registered charity established in 1952. Their aim is to encourage the teaching and learning of mathematics by attending to the needs of the learner. In their own words “membership is open to all who enjoy the struggle in calculation, reasoning and discovery through mathematics.”

When we began working with ATM, the site was in real need of modernisation. The site had some up-to-date features, such as a live Twitter feed, but it lacked a fresh, intuitive design; a user friendly layout and a personal touch.


Our approach

We were able to collaborate closely with ATM, and we worked together to find the best way to communicate a variety of complex information in a practical way that would speak to both adults and children. We created a design which encouraged a more fluid user journey and simplified the shop function.


The outcome

The ATM website now has a clean and professional look, while maintaining that element of fun and love of mathematics that ATM were eager to portray. We also work closely with ATM in terms of SEO, conducting monthly reports on the general health of their website using Google Analytics.