Society of Later Life Advisers

A vibrant, fresh site with dynamic features and a database powered by RiverCRM



Their project

SOLLA’s aim is to link those looking for financial advice in later life with professionals who can offer peace of mind. They are also eager to introduce new professionals into the industry by offering them a clear path to accreditation.

They were looking for a site which could reach and engage all ages and communicate what is often a complex and arduous process with care and impartiality. Therefore design and content needed to be simple and appealing, while remaining equitable and professional.


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Our approach

We equipped the site with a dynamic ‘Find an adviser’ directory which is easy to use and protects the privacy of SOLLA members, while still allowing the public to find them using intuitive search functionality. We also provided our advanced events module and have developed two microsites for them in the form of SOLLA Care and Retirement Standard.



We have also equipped SOLLA with RiverCRM, software which will go on to ensure administrators spend far less time on the day-to-day ‘paperwork’ they were keen to eliminate. Now, membership renewals and information updates are streamlined and RiverCRM’s marketing capabilities will ensure open passages of communication between themselves and their members.



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The outcome 

We know that we’ll be able to add SOLLA to our list of RiverCRM success stories; organisations who have implemented RiverCRM in the past have seen a vast increase in applications due to its streamlined application process and flexible nature. Sure enough, within a few hours of launch, SOLLA’s new site saw its very first application!