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12 December 2010

7 Tips to Write an Effective E-mail Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing… Is it worth it for your business? Well, yes probably! At least, if it’s written effectively.

The truth is an e-mail campaign, if put together correctly, can be very rewarding. Especially given the small cost involved in creating one – it is one of the cheapest methods of marketing around!

Some people won’t really read or even open your email. That’s a fact. If done badly, it can be damaging to your company. That’s also a fact. But with an effective e-mail campaign, you definitely stand a much better chance than spammers. So, here’s some tips to get you started on producing one where you can see the results!


1. Take your time


The first and probably most important tip of all! It may feel like you can whip together a good enough e-mail in 10 minutes. But trust me, that is not going to get you far!

Do your research. Be sure that it’s right. The smallest thing could make the biggest difference.

2. Be short and brief


Get to the point. Tell them what you have to offer. Direct them to your website.

You need to grab the readers’ interest instantly, otherwise your email will meet the delete key!

3. Quality should be a priority


This may seem obvious but it is surprising how many people don’t check this. Correct spelling and grammar is a must! People will not take your e-mail seriously if there’s a grammatical error.

Similarly, a clumsy error with mail-merging, like their name not being displayed correctly, can be equally off-putting.

4. Segment market


This is not a case of ‘one-size-fits-all’. Segmenting the market will work in your favour.

Create a variety of e-mails targeted at different audiences. This will ensure that the information is relevant andvaluable to the reader.

5. Test, test and test again


Different companies use different e-mail clients. Outlook, g-mail, yahoo… the list goes on.

Check your e-mail displays correctly in each one. What could be worse than putting an impressive e-mail together which half the people you send it to can’t view properly?!

6. Consider the day/time when sending


It could be said that there is no right time of day to send an e-mail campaign. Otherwise, everyone would send it at the same time and it would be the worst! But it’s certainly worth being aware of when your recipient list is going to be most susceptible.

For example, in B2B companies, research has shown Tuesday to Thursday office hours are the most likely time for people to consider your email. They’re in the office and in the right frame of mind.

You can always test this a few times to see when you get the best response!

7. Be persistent


It’s no good just sending out one great e-mail. You need to keep at it! Don’t give up. Send out more e-mails with new, interesting information about the company. People will notice you more!

Undoubtably, there are many more elements which will result in you producing an effective e-mail. There will be variations from business to business and sector to sector. But if you bear these tips in mind, it will certainly assist you in being successful with your e-mail marketing efforts.

And last of all, good luck! Remember these tips and begin planning your effective e-mail marketing campaign.