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08 June 2011

Blue Nile Update

'Blue Nile River Update' – The latest update in our river themed update naming convention.

Did you know? 59% of the water that reaches Egypt originates from the Blue Nile branch of the great river.

The update

Media Manager now with image editing

The Media Manager now allows you to upload images and crop/resize them without the need for external software like Photoshop. Cropping resizing via the mouse is simple and resizing allows for exact pixel value resizing and maintaining of aspect ratios.

To use this feature, find the image in question and click the edit button. The right panel now contains a preview of the image and its thumbnail (used for news lists etc) and a crop/resize button. Clicking this button will allow you to use the new features.


By improving how our servers manage their workload, we have managed to decrease the load time that users (visitors and administrators) experience to allow for a more streamlined experience when either browsing or editing your website.

Not only do pages load faster, but pages start loading faster leading to a double saving. We are still working on improving the page speed and will update you soon.

Interested in the latest additions to RiverCMS? Why not get in touch to find out more.

What's next?

The following work is planned into River CMS development schedule and will aim to be part of the next waves of updates;

  • Portlets, a module where your users can personalise their content
  • More speed improvements for an even faster experience