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09 May 2012

Cognitive Publishing Site Hits the Stands

Senior is extremely proud to announce the launch of the Rail Technology Magazine website; the first of 3 website launches as part of the Cognitive Publishing project. 

Cognitive Publishing is a respected print & online media company focussing on 1) the UK rail industry; 2) public sector management; and 3) healthcare management.

They wanted to fully utilise their online presence & facilitate a much-improved reader experience. Another key requirement was to deliver highly targeted advertising to their readers’ dependent upon their interests.

River CMS was selected as the flexible, future-proof platform for the new sites. A number of exciting features have been utilised, particularly widgets on the homepage which display latest news, top stories etc.

The result is a feature-rich, easy-to use site that sets the standard for the other two sites to come.

A big well done to the team at Senior. We’re looking forward to continuing working with Cognitive Publishing in the future.



After just 6 weeks online, the site has almost trebled its readership. Congratulations to Cognitive Publishing and the RiverCMS system, a great team!