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01 January 2008

Construction Industry Fails to Exploit WI-FI Benefits

The UK construction is failing to exploit the benefits of wireless internet access says a study published today.

A survey of 50 construction sites found that just three sites had a wireless network in place to provide remote workers with a link to their head office or access to the internet.

Alarmingly, only one of the three sites was sufficiently secure. The two other sites were open to hacking and freeloading, meaning with little effort a hacker could gain unauthorised access to private files on a network or an individual with a laptop could use the network to surf the internet.

The research was conducted by software house, Senior Technology, as part of the development of Site-Net.

Site-net is a complete remote site network security solution designed for hostile environments like the construction industry.

Described by Senior Technology as ‘all-in-one Internet in a box solution’, within hours of installing Site-Net, a secure wireless connection can be accessed by users across a construction site.

According to Pete Senior of Senior Technology it is worries over security that is strangling WI-FI adoption in the industry. “We conducted this research to see if there was a need for wireless internet access on building sites and there most certainly is. The accessing of head office files, websites and email is something that every business needs to operate efficiently today. However, our research shows that the vast majority of on-site construction personnel do not have access to this time saving and efficiency improving technology. One of the main reasons for the lack of take up appears to be concerns over security. Our research team found just six percent of the surveyed sites had wireless broadband. Only one of the three sites was sufficiently secure. We appreciate our survey is small but we believe the findings from the Midlands and Yorkshire to be typical of the UK as a whole and so security could be a very serious issue indeed.” 

Site-Net tackles security head on and provides users with an enterprise level firewall, ant-virus and spam filters in a package that is comparably cheaper than installing fixed line internet access. “Typically, installing a fixed line internet access point into a temporary building will cost a company some £2,000 and require structural changes,” explains Mr Senior. “With Site-Net we simply attach the box to a power socket and to an aerial. Site-Net’s pricing and features make it a viable alternative.” Senior Technology believes it is IT managers and Business System Managers who need to be convinced of the importance and benefits of wireless networks and WI-FI internet access. “We spoke to several people on site during our research and they were convinced that having a wireless network and access to files and the internet would be beneficial,” concludes Pete. “However, with such low take up of the technology, it appears IT managers aren’t in agreement. Hopefully, with the introduction of Site-Net and its security features they will now have a viable route to adding their remote sites to their company network.” For further information about Site-Net visit or call Senior Technology on 0115 950 0101.