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20 February 2008

Site-Net Announces 1KM WIFI Plans

Plans to develop wireless networks of up to 1km in range for the construction industry have been announced by Site-Net.

Development work on the ambitious plans are to start in November and the Site-Net team are confident of delivering long range, high quality, secure WI-FI zones by the end of the year.

“Imagine you’re working on a major construction site and need to access the internet or send an email but the only PC connected to the net is in a portacabin on the far side of the site,” says Site Net’s Jon McLachlan. “You’re going to have to walk back and forth for most of the day if you want to check your mail regularly. That’s going to waste a lot of time. We’re confident that we can increase the range of Site-Net’s coverage so that it can be extended up to 1km per base unit. This will bring real benefits to large construction companies working on big developments or with several sites in close proximity.”

As well as providing secure, managed internet access, Site-Net also incorporates state of the art real time anti-virus and anti-spam filters and an enterprise grade firewall.

The 'all in one VPN in a box solution' can be installed and configured in just a few hours, providing remote workers across a construction site with easy access to websites, email and remote servers on their company networks.

The Site-Net system is currently being used by several construction companies, including Waystone and Herbert Baggaley Construction Ltd.

“The Site-Net system provides us with a quick and easy installation and allows us to securely send and receive information around our sites,” says John Raybould, IT Manager at Baggaley. “We'd been looking for a viable solution to providing network access to people on site for some time and were about to give up when Senior Technology contacted us about Site-Net”.

On site, having remote access to files and the Internet has made a significant difference, as Steve Edis, Site Manager at Baggaley's Grove Park, Leicester project comments: “Before Site-Net was installed we didn't have email or access to the company intranet and so there were lots of meetings on site, plans had to be hand delivered and if you wanted anything from head office you either had to leave the site and go and pick it up or ask for it to be posted or faxed. Now, it's sent quickly and easily via email. Site-Net has made a real difference to the way we work and communicate with Head Office.”

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