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27 July 2016

Advanced search module

One of the key objectives for most organisations is to ‘be easily navigable and respond to the needs of key audience’. The global search will be one of the biggest areas in hitting this objective and through combining requirements from other membership organisations our new advanced search will become an indispensable tool for you.

As membership websites tend to be rich in content. Sometimes having over 20,000 pages, getting the search right will be a fundamental. The advanced search feature will allow visitors to quickly find page content, resources, products, news and events all through one interface. Below are some of the front end capabilities of the advanced search:

  • Suggested search: the advanced search will remember previous searches and start to generate options for the visitor based on the most popular.
  • Abstract: all search items will pull through a short abstract of the content for each page
  • Security: All pages and content marked for members will be highlighted within the search allowing non-members to see glimpses at the content available for members.
  • Search options: Visitors can quickly filter searches down by pre-set categories.
  • Find results with: exact phrase, all words, any word
  • Sort: Visitors can sort content by relevance to search or by published date


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