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25 November 2014

Breaking news: keeping it Local Works!

This week has seen us launch a duo of projects. The first is a brand new site which will be the home of marketing for local newspapers and their digital platforms, in conjunction with the folks at Local Media Works. The second project is an online home for the newly formed News Media Association- which was born out of a union between the Newspaper Society- the voice of local media and the Newspaper Publishers’ Association.

Aims of the Sites

The brand new Local Media Works website has been created with key decision makers in the news and marketing industry in mind. It is a creative hub where ideas can be shared and visitors can keep their fingers on the pulse of the constantly evolving world of local news.

The aim of the new NMA site, as well as combine the followers of the Newspaper Society and the Newspaper Publishers’ Association is to bring to the forefront the key topics which affect the news media industry. Users can keep up-to-date with these here:

Key Features

As each site belongs to the fast paced world of breaking news, each serves as an exquisite display of technical features including a live Twitter Feed, a rotating banner with key newspaper brands and dynamic infographics. Each site is also fully responsive, allowing users to visit wherever they are, comfortably on any device.

For the Local Media Works a Database of news brands and a gallery showcasing the adverts that have run through in local news brands as well as numerous creative landing pages.

Moving Forward

We look forward to maintaining our relationship with the Local Media Works and the NMA, and are sure that their passion and enthusiasm for bringing news to a wider audience will mean each website is a total success. Both the LMW and the NMA are keen to keep design innovative and combine style and substance on their site with a continuing partnership with Senior.