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12 June 2012

Designing Your Email Marketing Campaign: The Checklist

So, what should you consider when designing your email campaign?

How you organise & put together your email campaign will directly impact on its success – thus it’s of paramount importance.

That’s why I have given you a few pointers for consideration when designing your campaign below. Think about these as part of your email design process.

1) Have you defined specific objectives for what you want to achieve from the campaign?

These should be crystal clear.

You will be able to measure the campaigns overall success against these.

2)  How might a recipient respond to your email?

You need to think practically.

There should be clear & enticing calls-to-action.

3)  Do you have all the resources/components available that are needed after your email has been distributed?

Are specific landing pages in place? Do you have call handlers & sales staff on hand?

4)  Do you have the personal knowledge & ability to design the creative side of your email campaign?

If not, where will you find someone with such creativity?

5)  Does your email design rely heavily on imagery & graphics?

As pretty as the email may look, lots of recipients will have images ‘disabled’ on their inbox’s – so they won’t see it!

That’s not to say don’t use imagery in your emails – just think about powerful text-based grabbers too!


And there you have it! – Remember these key considerations when designing your campaign.

Good luck!