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23 March 2017

Member star rating system

We’ve been thinking about what would help our clients get in touch with their members more efficiently. The idea is still in its infancy at the moment, but we’re working on a way to add a rating to all your members, based on how they can be seen to interact within RiverCRM. The rating will help you find engaged members by:

  • Seeing if they book onto an event
  • Tracking if they’re opening lots of emails multiple times
  • Tracking how many times they visit your website
  • Noting how often they view or buy things from your shop
  • Integrating RiverCRM with social media will note whether they follow your organisation
  • This will help you know which of your members would be most likely to recommend you


Marketing emails can take a lot of time to put together for organisations and there’s nothing worse than receiving a message that isn’t relevant to you.


The idea will be in development throughout 2017. Watch this space to see more developments.


We hope we’ll be able to make this feature available for all our RiverCRM clients when it’s really.

Which is more important to your organisation?
Tracking which members are more likely to visit events
Seeing who is engaging with our emails and news letters
Analysing who is spending time exploring our website
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