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20 September 2014

New to RiverCMS – Portlets

Following extensive development we at Senior are proud to announce the addition of a new Drag and Drop Interface to RiverCMS, we call it Portlets.

What are Portlets?

Portlets are a way of offering bespoke and customisable content to your website users.

With Portlets, you provide your users with various content options and they can then choose what to show as well as the order they want to show it.

On top of this each block of content, known specifically as a portlet, has individual settings to dynamically alter the appearance and the content that is being displayed.

How do they work?

Once devised, your Portlets will appear in a catalogue on the page, users have the ability to choose content from the catalogue simply by dragging and dropping it to a desired location on the page.

Users can repeat this process building up the layout and content so it suits their needs. This layout is then saved against the user’s browser or their RiverCMS login account so that their content will always display in the way they want it to.

Portlet Examples

Portlets have the ability to provide bespoke content, but to get you started we have developed various predefined Portlets that work in connection with your existing RiverCMS modules.

Portlets have been developed to work in connection with the following Modules:

  • News
  • Events
  • Directories
  • Vacancies
  • Tag Cloud

On top of this we have also developed various other generic Portlets that can help provide a rich user experience, these are:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • BBC News Feed
  • Clock Widget
  • RSS Feeds

So this all sounds great, right? Well why not check out Portlets in action over at our RiverLabs Demo.