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23 March 2017

RiverCRM - financial integrations

We can announce that the team are currently working on integrating some of the largest payment solutions in the UK with RiverCRM.

The update with ensure:

  • Payment is made available to a wider audience
  • You can ensure financial security with two trusted payment systems
  • out of the box connectivity to various back office/accounting
  • GoCardless will provide seamless direct debit payments
  • Xero and Sage will enable you to synchronise invoices to and from RiverCRM

It’s important our clients are able to reach as many members and donors as possible. Offering a wider range of payment options will help achieve this. Reducing admin costs will also save your organisation valuable time.


We expect to make this functionality available to clients in late spring.


This feature will be available to all our RiverCRM clients, if this is something you’d be interested in, get in touch with your account manager.