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14 September 2015

The dawn of a new e-days!

One of the most hotly anticipated new builds of the year has launched for our closest partner, e-days, this week. We’re very proud to say that a huge collaborative effort involving almost every member of our team from start to finish has lead us to the launch of e-days’ high profile new site.

Our history

We’ve been working with e-days since the software’s inception almost a decade ago. Their new employee leave software website is the latest highlight in a successful year for e-days, coming just weeks after e-days5, the latest version of the e-days software, has begun its roll out to e-days users.

What did they want from their new site?

The launch of the latest version of e-days is a great achievement for the company. It has been several years in the making, drawing on combined digital and UX skills and almost a decade of e-days’ knowledge delivering absence management software to a global market. e-days5 will bring with it a whole new generation of users, so it was imperative that the branding and style were consistent across all e-days marketing materials, especially the website.

Key features

The new e-days site is clean, fresh and contemporary – without compromising the unique personality that e-days has. The look and feel of the site reflects that of e-days’ new software and is therefore user-friendly in function and engaging and engaging in design.

Spending a few seconds on the site’s homepage will reveal its most striking new feature; integrated video in the banner, which not only adds an air of modernity to the site, but also shows visitors the main features of e-days in seconds. Infographics and calls-to-action throughout the site are immensely appealing and combine with straight forward copy to ensure this site is intuitive, attractive and easily digestible.


We have no doubt that the new website - as part of their lead generation services, will draw even more people to e-days. e-days is now the leading absence management software available in more than 60 countries and 15 different languages across the globe, and is sure to grow vastly in size over the coming years. We know this transformation will ensure they stay ahead of the game.