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20 October 2010

Upcoming updates in RiverCMS – a sneak preview

For those anticipating our next update (What rivers begin with C now?), you deserve a little taster of what is to come when the CMS update drops.

Firstly, a little explanation to those without RiverCMS

River CMS is our enterprise strength web content management system and we use the system for 95% of all our website build projects.

The system is the result of several man-years worth of development and unlike many proprietary and Open Source content management systems all the features and modular functionality is programmed in the same way throughout – this making River CMS uniformed, technically sound and one of the most user friendly CMS available on today’s market.

And what about these updates?

Part of the appeal with RiverCMS is that with your River CMS license you automatically get regular (approximately monthly) unobtrusive updates that improve the functionality of the system or increase the efficiency of repetitive tasks. In general, each update adds an added level of usability to the already extremely user-friendly system and sometimes new features are added to modules you subscribe to.

So, what’s coming up?

In the next couple of updates, expect to see:

A faster system

We have already made a lot of speed increases throughout the RiverCMS admin panel and the websites themselves by redistributing the workload of websites running on our servers. More of the same is expected in the next couple of updates.

More Content Editor updates

We will be removing some of the more confusing (and frankly unused) options in the content editor, alongside adding some surprise bonuses in the way of media.

Media Manager Tweaks

A few media manager tweaks so you can get the best out of the media you upload to your system. Adding any kind of media will be quicker and effortless.

Ok you have convinced me – I want my website built in RiverCMS!

Then I shall leave this here: