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A microsite is a powerful tool to enhance your organisation’s web presence. In February’s featured article we explored several ways in which a microsite can benefit your organisation and highlighted one of the most effective uses of a microsite: to create a hub for events. Whether you’re a charity putting on a fundraiser or an association planning their conference, an event microsite is perfect for generating interest and increasing your attendees.




Customisable content

Any organisation who hosts an event will know that changes occur on a regular basis. In order to keep your attendees informed it’s paramount that all the information they’ll need is up-to-date. A microsite with content you can update easily is a great benefit for event microsites as not only will you keep attendees in-the-know, you’ll also be creating shareable content to help generate a buzz about the event.


Countdown clock

The countdown clock is an important feature for a unique and engaging event microsite. A countdown clock allows you to tell your potential attendees how long they have until the big day, and encourages return visits. It’s a deceptively simple looking feature that makes a big impact. Combine it with a button offering an ‘early bird’ ticket offer to create a sense of urgency and excitement.







Galleries are an important tool to showcase your event and a fantastic opportunity to create shareable content. Members can look out for their favourite moments of the day, and share it via social media or email with their colleagues. They’re also a great way of showing members who didn’t attend what your events can offer.


Presentation video

Video is a hugely effective - yet quite overlooked - tool for marketing events. The possibilities are endless, and they’re another perfect way to encourage event attendees and members to share your content. They can be used in your marketing before the big day to give potential attendees a glimpse into what past events have looked like, and during as a memorable, on-brand backdrop to keep your members engaged.






Need to know

Event microsites, unlike your main website, are not designed to be perennial. They are for quickly gaining your audiences’ attention and encouraging them to join you at your event. Therefore information needs to be presented in an easily-digestible and interesting way, and none more so than your event’s need-to-know information, such as venue, accommodation and travel.


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