07 October 2014 Christine Hassall

A plane to Spain thanks to profit gain!

This weekend marks an exciting point in Senior Internet’s growth and development as a company. Having exceeded our half year target; the whole company was whisked away on a full weekend’s holiday as a reward- in Barcelona!

Pete Senior treated the team to two nights and two days in one of the most interesting, colourful and beautiful cities in the world- and even a guided Go Car tour around the city! The experience was exciting and dramatic from start to finish with breathtakingly beautiful buildings lining every street, as well as gorgeous food and lots and lots of Estrella and cocktails to be consumed.

The trip began with an evening in La Isabela restaurant, which resides on the glamourous rooftop of Hotel 1898; one of Barcelona’s most famous hotels on Las Ramblas. A benefit of dining atop one of the busiest streets in the world- brimming with artisans, musicians and, late at night, extremely insistent club reps- is that the view across the city is astounding. We were able to enjoy delicious tapas and a seemingly endless supply of beer while overlooking Barcelona’s entire landscape; from sea to the east; to the mountains in the west; and all the twinkling lights of the city in between. 

An early bed was called for (although, for the most part, ignored) as we all met the next day at 9.45am in the heart of the city for our Go Car tour. This was the part of the weekend Pete was most excited about; every team meeting since the target was set last January contained at least one mention of the endless fun that can be had zipping around the city in these bad boys, although luckily we didn’t have to push anything up a hill as Pete had mentioned... Not even the Go Karting social last month could prepare us for cruising the streets of Barcelona in a tiny yellow three wheeled car. Luckily the brakes worked- although we never got the chance to see if the indicators did- apparently they don’t use them in Spain!

The cars gave us the chance to view the city in a way we never would have on foot; and we were taken through the old town, up to Mont Juïc, past the Olympic Village built for the 1992 games, along the beach and eventually around the incredible Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. We were treated to views of exquisite architecture, dizzying scenery, unique works of art and glorious natural beauty- and, although we were happy to be back on solid ground when it finished, it was one of the most enjoyable parts of the weekend.

There’s so much to see in Barcelona; our 20 strong then gang split up to properly explore the city. We covered a lot of ground too; from a walk to La Sagrada Família, through Las Ramblas, via Parc de la Ciutadella, to a visit to Camp Nou and the Picasso Museum, and some even finished their wander with a few beers atop Mont Juïc to watch the stunning Font Màgica as the sun set. This was followed by tapas and sangria in the Royal Square off Las Ramblas and a dramatic few drinks down some (rather dodgy) side streets where the party only gets started once the restaurants close at 3am! The next morning those who went to bed before 7.30am met on the beach for breakfast and it was off to the airport to say ‘¡adiós!’ to the wonderful city.

A few days will be needed to recover, but the trip was an unforgettable mix of beautiful scenery, good friends, laughter, fun, fights, food, drink and dance-offs! We’re all very much looking forward to hitting next year’s target, and can’t wait to see what Pete has up his sleeve as a reward when we do!

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