15 December 2016

Clean it up: how to say a lot with a little

This one directly relates to membership organisations if you use your website as your biggest tool for growing your membership or marketing to your members (surely that applies to everyone?) Website trends are important to stay on top of, as not adhering to universally accepted aesthetic guidelines can lead to your site, and your organisation by proxy, looking dated. In the past we’ve touched on how vital it is becoming to encourage a younger generation of members to join or donate to your organisation, and keeping on top of web fashions is the best way to do it.

Over the past few years website trends have been rapidly moving towards a more minimal approach; achieved by doing away with staples like traditional top level navigation, banners and call-to-action buttons. These will be replaced by a few techniques which will make a statement and an impact and will ultimately improve that all important user experience.

What does that mean for your organisation?

To captivate audiences of the future, Zazzle media and most other forward thinking design experts recommend a few, bold statement features to ensure your organisation seems head and shoulders above the rest. The future is in beautiful photography and adventurous typography. The closer websites move towards this simple yet elegant design the more dated a site that doesn’t adhere to these innovations looks. It might be time to hire a creative agency who can provide you with a more future-proof website, like us!

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Ask the experts - Sam, Front End Developer


What do you think we'll see in 2017?

  • Websites will do away with a lot of clutter, focusing more on just the content, rather than overloading users with extras (similar to how Medium’s article pages don’t have any extra content until you are at the bottom of the page). Maybe even to the point where websites don't really have a desktop design anymore and just scale up a mobile design to fit nicely into larger spaces.
  • Virtual reality will take off a lot more within gaming and entertainment industries.
  • We can probably expect a few major information leaks from WikiLeaks etc. Probably in regards to the government monitoring and tracking. Probably a lot aimed at Trump too.

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