08 August 2017

Association of Costs Lawyers launch appealing new site

Our summer of launches continues with the ACL’s behemoth site, whose long-awaited launch occurred late July.

In their own words, the ACL is the representative body for Costs Lawyers - regulated legal professionals who specialise in the law relating to legal costs. We have a long history with the Association and are delighted to welcome them to the Senior River community fully.

What did they want from their website?

The project, as many websites for third sector organisations do, evolved and grew during its development, but the steadfast aim of the ACL stayed true to original concepts; providing a central, definitive home for the Costs Lawyer community.

The site is now a place where vital information about the industry can be found, updated regularly and shared. Education is of paramount importance to the ACL, and their essential career section and training courses are now ideal for students and teachers alike. They also now have a suitable platform to market their acclaimed industry events and conferences.

Key features

Their ‘find a costs lawyer’ is a stand-out feature of the site, combining several sophisticated characteristics, including a map, search box and several select boxes to help their visitors get the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Because one of the main aspirations of the site was to better connect the Costs Lawyer community and encourage the flow of knowledge and discussion on the subject, the ACL’s new site has a huge section dedicated to ‘The Costs Lawyer Community’. This area is bursting with a wealth of features to ensure the site visitor has access to industry knowledge and professionals, such as forums, regional and other groups, each presented in an easily-digestible and intuitive manner.


We are looking forward to building on our relationship with the ACL, and the law community as a whole. They are a professional association who are keen to progress and advance within their community and set themselves apart as the leading voice for the Costs Lawyer industry. We look forward to seeing them achieve this aim.

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