06 November 2017 Christine

Seasonality in design: getting into the spirit

The dawn of November brings many things; frost laden mornings, crispy leaves and, of course the distant but fast approaching sound of sleigh bells and carols. Yes November means that Christmas is on its way. Of course for most of us that doesn’t mean we’re hanging mistletoe, cracking out mince pies and sticking on Slade just yet – not until bonfire night is over, that is. It does however mean it’s sensible to finalise plans for how you will end your year’s marketing.

For many organisations festive decorations aren’t just for offices. No matter how you celebrate the midwinter season, decking out your marketing materials can be a fantastic way to engage with your members. Here are two of the easiest ways to inject a little festive fun into your marketing materials, and how each will benefit your organisation.Seasonality in design email templates


Celebratory email templates can be as subtle or ostentatious as you deem fit. As long as they harmonise with your branding, and are designed with contemporary trends in mind, email templates are a simple way to add a celebratory flair without too much commitment to the Christmas theme.

Around this time, and especially with GDPR just around the corner, it’s important to ensure your members’ details are all up to date and in order. Sending out an ‘end of the year’ maintenance message, prompting recipients to give their member area a quick update isn’t usually the most exciting message, and could be easily overlooked in the Christmas chaos. Adding a sprinkle of sparkle to such a message is a more engaging way of encouraging members to prioritise this pedestrian task.

Website banner

Whether it’s themed to your organisation’s industry, subtly makes use of wintery motifs or is a veritable jingle bell ball of tinsel and turkey, a custom website banner adds a festive flourish to your site.

815 Seasonality in design website banner

Like the John Lewis Christmas advert, or the shop window of Macy’s, your holiday themed banner can be the yearly event your members look forward to seeing. It’s such an easy (and low cost) piece of design to facilitate, and adds a splash of comfort and joy to your website that members and web users appreciate.

Christmas card

Senior Christmas card 2015The corporate Christmas card is a difficult beast to tame. It must be innovative, friendly and inclusive enough to make a positive impact on the recipient, but shouldn’t cost the world. A simple and elegant piece of offline design with an inventive style or message can be a cherished work of art.

A Christmas card is the perfect way to show your members that you’re grateful they’re still around. It fosters good will, it acknowledges they mean something to you and it can be sent en masse. Luckily creating a classic Christmas card to wow your members is relatively simple and can be inexpensive if done right.

Hopefully all this talk of getting Christmas started early won’t make you want to grumble ‘baa humbug’ into your roast goose. If you’d like to make your marketing merry and bright, just get in touch; we’d love to hear your ideas.

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