14 July 2016 Christine

Web developers: 10 reasons to join Senior

Are you a web developer looking to progress your career with a multi-award winning digital agency? Whether you're a creative looking to develop fluid and sophisticated websites, or a go-getter looking to expand your skillset and further your career, there's a space for you at Senior Internet.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, check out our web developer position or drop us an email.

We know you’ve got the pick of the crop, so we’ve devised a simple list of 10 reasons why you should chose Senior as the next step in your career.

  1. We prize the development of our team. We offer each member a 1000 training budget to utilise how they wish.
  2. A wealth of knowledge. We have a team of designers, programmers and developers who have gained years of experience they want to share.
  3. A hub for creativity and ideas. We encourage each member of the team to bring new ideas to the table. We love fresh perspectives and enthusiasm.
  4. Recognition and reward. For exceeding our targets in 2014 we were taken on a trip to Barcelona. This year we’re set to experience Eastern Europe as a reward for our hard work.
  5. A supportive environment. Professionals who know what they’re doing can deliver good websites, but ones who also work well as a team can really excel.
  6. Monthly socials. We feel that hanging out as a team after work is an essential component to building long lasting, strong working relationships.
  7. The ability to build a future. We offer each member of our team the ability to care for themselves in later years with a retirement fund we’ll assist with.
  8. Time out. We offer up to 25 days’ holiday a year as well as 3 days of paid sick leave. We understand everyone needs to take a break sometimes.
  9. Progression is encouraged. At Senior we reward people who don't shy away from a challenge and who strive towards constant improvement.
  10. Secret Santa. Not going to lie... we have some excellent gift buyers here.

Join our team and guarantee a career where you can grow and improve, and have your ideas and creativity encouraged. Apply here.

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