20 February 2015 Christine Hassall

A re-work for Newsworks

Newsworks are constantly looking to improve and update their web presence. As one of the UK’s seminal champions of newsbrands, keeping up to date from a technical, marketing, social and design point of view is vital for Newsworks. It’s no wonder that we were honoured with a hat-trick of awards and distinctions for our collaborative work with the association last year alone.

This latest achievement is the product of hard work and dedication from our team, and, as always, we worked closely with Newsworks throughout its inception, design and build.

Due to Newsworks’ constant drive to remain one step ahead of the game, we began to feel the site structure didn’t suit the developing content they were moving towards. They wanted to feature more imagery and videos with a big focus on events, and after redeveloping a few sections over 2014 we suggested that a redevelopment of the whole site would be beneficial.

We have completely rebuilt many of the mainstays of the site, including the research centre; the user-friendly Facts and Figures section; and the Creative gallery, which is constantly buzzing with new and innovative design and marketing ideas. All are powered with our listings module. Perhaps the most drastic updates are the attractive new events pages. They consist of easily navigable infographics, a clean and crisp design and simple structure.

Newswork’s main aim is always to promote the value of advertising through newsbrands. Essentially the site serves as an advert for advertising, showcasing examples of where it has worked and what is possible. The new look and easier-to-use events section will drive more people towards this aim. 

Fun Senior Fact:

Did you know Senior have been collaborating with Newsworks on their web presence for almost 10 years now!


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