27 August 2014

Memcom Award - BPA 2012

About the Memcom Awards

The Memcom Award highlights best practice in marketing and communication for membership organisations. Such an honour highlights the success of the BPA website as an engagement tool within the membership industry.

Aims of the website

The British Parking Association (BPA) were looking for a website with a fresh new look, improved navigation and increased engagement with the brand.

Senior improved the BPA web experience by ensuring content was structured effectively within a smooth navigation.  To improve engagement, content firstly needed to be easy to find, which is why the website boasts a straightforward navigation, along with call-outs to the BPA Ezine and forum.

The BPA site hosts a variety of content, including news articles, corporate documents, research and a media hub. This variety of content helped the website to achieve the illustrious Memcom Award.

Special features

Document library: The website uses the RiverCMS document library to enable a wide variety of content to be accessible in just a few clicks.

Staff library: Information about individual staff members is easily accessible through the people module. By clicking high-resolution images of staff, visitors can get to know more about the people behind the BPA.

History timeline:  The history of the organisation is conveyed in an engaging fashion with the history timeline. The feature displays significant events in the BPA's history on a scrolling page. Each event is dated and explained with engaging text, allowing visitors to learn about the BPA without reading through tedious amounts of text.


The website has more than 27,000 sessions per month and has helped to provide the brand with a strong online presence.  Members of the BPA now use the website as a hub for all of their online content. Blogs, news, white papers and a range of other materials are available within just a few clicks.

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