17 June 2015

British Parking Association’s unparalleled new site

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new site for long-time collaborators the British Parking Association. 

 Our history

 We’ve been working with the BPA for almost 5 years now and so far we’ve delivered many cutting edge updates, quizzes and microsites, as well as winning a Memcon Award in 2012.

Since the inception of our partnership, we’ve worked regularly alongside the BPA. Last autumn saw the release of their educational microsite Know Your Parking Rights, which aims to help the general public make informed decisions on parking and what to do when things go wrong. We’ve also currently got more special projects in the pipeline. This new development has sprung from the BPA’s desire to remain fresh and ensure their site is still delivering valuable insight to their hundreds of members.

 What did they need from their website?

The BPA is an association who cares a great deal about driving the professionalism of the sector and helping their members in this ambition and they wanted their new, refreshed website to reflect this. As a result the site is much more member focused and user friendly. The design is cleaner and content rich, while all information is presented in a usable and intuitive way.

The homepage presents member necessities such as resources, news and events in a simplified way which encourages a more fluid user-journey. As well as this, members are now better encouraged to visit the BPA’s other sites such as Know Your Parking Rights thanks to the brand new home page layout.

Key features

We’ve developed a multitude of new features for the new BPA site. Spending a few minutes on the site will reveal possibly the most striking new element; we’ve developed an integrated survey which pops up to allow members to engage with their association. We’ve also integrated the site with their twitter feed; another way of keeping information and content on the site fresh and up-to-date, as well as allowing better communication for the BPA’s members.

A more creative layout has been developed for the BPA’s staff pages, as well as their representative galleries. This creative approach is continued through the site, including the timeline, library, blog and directory. There’s also a new improved dedicated landing page, and a whole resource hub dedicated and exclusive to BPA members - a great incentive to join the association!


The brand new up-to-date site will help in the positioning of the British Parking Association as a modern, forward thinking association. Not only is the site much easier to navigate, which therefore means user experience has significantly improved, it's also more dynamic, with a wide variety of content and media used throughout.

Fun Senior Fact:

Did you know we won a Memcom Award in 2012 with the BPA's last site refresh! Memcon award outstanding achievements in the membership field. We are exicted to see what we can achieve with this new site! 

Read more about how we won this prestigious award here.

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