11 September 2014

Davey Award - IPA 2010

About the Davey Awards

The International Davey Awards recognises outstanding creative web work from around the world. Honourees are chosen for achieving outstanding results in their field; those who “derive their strength from their big ideas instead of stratospheric budgets”; and demonstrate a fresh and innovative flare as well as sharp business capabilities. In 2010, there were more than 4,000 entries and we collected our trophy in partnership with the IPA as number one in the Associations category.

Aims of the website

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) is the trade body and professional institute for leading agencies in the UK's advertising, media and marketing communications industries. The IPA required a new website that would provide fresh thinking for navigation and content publication. They wanted a highly innovative website that puts the 70,000+ members at the forefront of all deliverables. The goal was to produce a method for members to easily locate relevant information from a website that has more than 30,000 items of content.

Due to the IPA's media-savvy audience, we made it a priority for the branding to be accurately targeted at the media industry. 

Special features

Stand out features include a centralised publishing engine that could publish content of various types to multiple websites, as well as a personalised web experience on an individual member basis. 

A stunning agency gallery was introduced. The feature was full of extraordinary images and packed with information on a host of marketing campaigns. To make it easier to find information, an agency search function was launched. The feature made it simple for visitors to locate agencies by selecting criteria through drop-down boxes.

We also removed the need for standard navigation and replaced it with a variety of methods of discovering content. These included a powerful internal website search facility, tag clouds and user profiling. 


The website attracts 60,000 views per month, which showcases the high level of engagement offered by the website. In terms of SEO, the website ranks on the first page of Google for several relevant terms, such as advertising agencies, advertising careers and advertising events.

The IPA site has since won more international awards since receiving the Davey Award in 2010, and it remains to this day one of our most visited sites, and we’re in constant communication with our partners at the IPA to make sure we continue to deliver outstanding work. 

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