24 December 2014 Abdi Samatar

Google pigeon launches in the UK

In July 2014 Google released a new version of its algorithm, dubbed Pigeon, in the United States. The new algorithm aims to provide search results which are more accurate, relevant and local. Google Pigeon was also rolled out to the UK in December 2014 and will be released to most English speaking countries by the end of 2014.

The update to Google’s algortithm has two key implications for Marketers, SEO Analysts and Website managers:

  • Localisation: there will be more emphasis on local searches, mimicking traditional search in directories. Marketers should ensure that their websites are Search Engine Optimised and make use of local rather than generic search terms.
  • Google Maps listings: the first seven map listings presented to users will be more refined and customised for each individual with local businesses pulled through first. Marketers should ensure that their Google Maps/Google + Local details are as up to date as possible.

Research conducted by Search Engine Land indicates that 69% of Search Account Managers and SEO Analysts think that Pigeon has delivered a good change for searchers in the USA.

It will be interesting to find out whether their UK based counterparts begin to adopt this practice in the early parts of 2015, especially once the online sales figures from the Christmas period have been released.

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