24 March 2015

Is the Expedition Finally Over for Internet Explorer?

In this digital age the shelf-life of certain technologies is remarkably short. New and better systems and devices are constantly replacing outdated versions, from hardware like phones and laptops, to methods of programming and designing new websites.

The latest advancement has come as a shock to many and marks the final termination of a technological institution. Ladies and gentleman, Internet Explorer is no more... Or is it?

The past few years have seen a huge decline in popularity for the browser; since 2009, its use has plummeted dramatically from an almost 70% majority to just over 20%, being over-taken by competitors such as Chrome, according to StatCounter. It’s not just in the statistics that you can see how IE’s popularity has crashed in just 6 years. It’s all over internet chat rooms and forums, with people exchanging memes and making elaborate jokes at the browser’s expense. Popular opinion states that far from its former glory of bringing to the masses the World Wide Web; Internet Explorer has fast become a worldwide wisecrack. However, recent updates have made excellent progress with improving its quality and speed.  project-spartan-infographic

So is Microsoft’s solution on refracting the ridicule to kill off its teenage operating system all together? Not exactly. A Microsoft spokesperson has said they will continue to make Internet Explorer available for Windows 10, their newest update and it’s no secret that their plan is to release a brand new browser currently intriguingly named 'Project Spartan'.

So what does this mean for you? Our statistics* show that over the past 2 years almost 20% of those viewing our website have arrived via Internet Explorer. Our advice is that these 20% might want to look at where IE is going and what its new manifestation, 'Project Spartan', might have in store for them. We’d recommend research into different browsers and finding out which is going to give the best results.

Whatever you decide, for many of us Internet Explorer is as synonymous with the first few experiences of the Internet as the clunks and dings of the dial-up modem. Today marks the end of an era and the dawn of a new, hopefully faster age for Internet users.

*Statistics based on evidence collected via Google analytics


Codename: ‘Project Spartan’

Since ‘Project Spartan’ is, for now, just a code name, the team here at Senior have had a go at deciding on a new name for Microsoft’s next offering.

fun andy

Andy Faulkner, our resident SEO specialist, says “Based on their recent names (Mail / Music etc) I am going with Browser/Browse. [The name] fits their suite and gets the point across.”


fun becky

Marketing executive, Becky Bates, feels Microsoft will want to convey an idea of speed and agility. Since IE’s reputation is currently the converse, she believes a name like “Cheeta” would be appropriate.


fun sam

fun andy h

Andy Humphrey and Sam Buckley of the sales team believe that the message of ‘exploring’ the web should be continued and “Wanderer” or “Venture” might be more exciting names.


fun david

In light of the animal-inspired name Firefox which is currently one of the most popular browsers, sales executive David Graham would like to throw “MS Otter” into the ring believing it should be named after his favourite animal.


fun chris r

The team down in the studio have offered some simple choices such as Clive, Ian and Bob, but our senior front-end developer Chris Rickels says this:

“They want to portray what it does in a simple way, without being too techy…
They definitely need to get across that it’s for the web, or the internet…
And they need to say that you browse using it, but browse is not very exciting. Maybe something with more of a sense of adventure…
I’ve got it…
Internet Explorer

fun christine

In my opinion, as well as the ideas of speed and exploration that we all associate with browsing the Internet; the name should portray a feeling of fighting back, of rebirth and of triumph against adversary. I think “MS Phoenix” would be best for Microsoft’s newest creation.

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