15 December 2016

It’s all about YOU: focus on the individual to encourage wellbeing

Those organisations who keep a close eye on the world of HR will already know that 2016 saw a huge rise in initiatives to increase the happiness of staff in the work place. We are now living in a time where we can use the knowledge we have gained through psychology to figure out what we need to be productive. It turns out that, while each individual is different, everyone thrives in an environment that is tailored towards their happiness.

Most social hubs and advertisers achieve success because they have worked hard to give us what we want; to tailor our online environment to suit our needs. Millions are spent on algorithms which are designed to show users content they will respond positively to which ultimately saves time and makes user experience that bit better. And that’s what it’s all about: user experience.

What does that mean for your organisation?

To successfully reach your target audience and achieve your goals as an organisation – whether they be hitting a monetary target for donations, growing your membership or encouraging your users to sign up to events – you must tailor your users’ experience to them. People are now used to simply ignoring content that doesn’t apply to them. In 2017, look out for a CRM that will allow users to tailor their member area their needs and allow you to target your mailings to them. This way, you’ll save time emailing someone who isn’t necessarily interested in your service or conference, and they’ll save time they'd spend deleting an email they’re not interested in!

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Ask the experts - Steve, Senior Programmer


What do you think we'll see in 2017?

  • Intelligent Chat bots become mainstream
  • Using facebook messenger, whatsapp or Google Home (voice) to query things from different sites and interact with them without leaving the chat environment. For example – ask google home when is the next Man united game, then ask google to get you tickets and perform the booking all within the same chat

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