27 August 2014

Life as an Intern at Senior

If you’re looking for an internship with an innovative firm, then Senior is the place to go.

I have been studying Marketing at University for a year and decided that I wanted some experience within a small digital company, partly because the university had recommended gaining experience to help with the next few years, but also because as part of my course I am required to complete a one year placement beginning summer 2015. I hoped this internship at Senior would help me to decide what role I want to be in for my placement and the type of company I want to be working for.

I had been searching for suitable places to complete my internship for a while before coming across Senior’s internship page; the social media section of this page really caught my eye, as well as the content writing and design, as these are areas that I am hoping to focus on in the future.

My Role.

I completed a two week internship with Senior, working with multiple staff members in different departments.

The roles that I worked in were:

+ Social Media
+ Search Engine Optimisation
+ Content Writing
+ Graphic Design
+ Account Management and Sales

More details about these and more roles are available on the Senior Internship page.

Expectations vs Reality:

Being the first intern at the company, I honestly did not know what to expect.

Speaking to family and friends, I was told that internships can be difficult as you do not have the knowledge of the experience to do the role without any help – in a constantly busy environment it can be difficult to gain the experience that you want or need from small companies as they may simply not have the time to give one to one help.

I expected the working day to be busy and challenging, learning about new software and how to use them.

You may expect to be given lots of work with the staff presuming that you know what you’re doing, or you may expect to be shadowing another member of staff for the duration of your internship. I assumed that I would be working with one member of staff closely, as an assistant or helper.

However, I found that my assumptions were wrong. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised, nervous of course, I was introduced to every member of staff and given my time sheet for the two weeks.

I was working individually for most of my internship with multiple members of staff around ready to help when I needed it. The activities that I was involved in were all real life companies and were all helpful to Senior (therefore I didn’t feel like I was getting in the way). I developed many new skills, including content writing, which was one of the main skills I wanted to develop, as well as using new software such as google analytics and Senior’s CMS system, all with the help of a few members of staff who briefed me for every project that I was involved in and were on standby for any problems or queries that I had.

At Senior you will gain all the experience that you need in a fast moving industry. The other staff members put your needs first and are there to help whenever you need it, which is one of the main worries I had before my first day.

This was definitely an internship that I won’t forget, thanks to all of the different opportunities I had to gain experience in different areas of the business.

If you are interesting in completing an internship with Senior, then visit their intern page!

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