25 November 2014 Dynamic Banner

News Media UK's new home!

This week has seen us launch a duo of projects. The second of which was created for the News Media Association- which was born out of a union between the Newspaper Society- the voice of local media and the Newspaper Publishers’ Association. The newly formed NMA needed an online home and media hub.

The brand new fully-featured, fully-responsive site comes complete with a rotating banner with key newspaper brands located at the top of the page. It also contains a live Twitter feed and rotating infographics, both of which enable visitors and users the ability to keep up to date with the ever changing world of news media.

 The aim of the site, as well as combine the followers of the Newspaper Society and the Newspaper Publishers’ Association is to bring to the forefront the key topics which affect the news media industry. Users can keep up-to-date with these here:

As a brand new organisation, the NMA are seeing this project through fresh eyes. They’re keep to keep design innovative and combine style and substance on their site with a continuing partnership with Senior.

In case you missed it...