06 August 2015

A step-up for STEP’s Global Congress microsite

Senior and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners have worked together on two of their most important microsites since 2013, and this week saw the launch of the latest; the STEP Global Congress 2016.

STEP’s Global Congress is an annual event intended to bring members from all over the world together and provide the STEP community with networking and social opportunities. As one of the most significant events on the STEP calendar, it’s essential that the STEP website be professional yet appealing, engaging yet persuasive.

What did they want from their site?

The Global Congress is an annual event, and, like their PCA awards, which come out at the start of each year, it’s important that the site remains fresh. Yearly reskins ensure that the look and feel of their site is as different as the congress itself.

Their aim was to promote the 2016 Amsterdam congress in a professional, engaging manner and encourage visitors to book their place on the event. Not only did the site need to reflect the main STEP website in its colour and branding, the functionality had to provide an information hub for previous years and a persuasive tool to encourage members to book their places.

Key features

First and foremost the site must act as an advertisement tool, so the homepage needed to be creative and colourful, while remaining on brand. As a microsite, is must portray a high level of important information in a compact amount of space, so all content must be eye-catching and necessary. We provided dynamic call outs to display past and present speakers, and appeal to Special Interest Groups.

A stand out feature is the ‘countdown’ on the home page, which builds anticipation for the event by counting down the days. This feature draws the eye from the beginning, and means that viewers will naturally return to the site as the year progresses.


Thanks to its fresh, on-brand tone and sophisticated event booking system- a priority as the microsite’s main aim is to encourage attendance from all over the world- STEP are looking forward to bringing more people than ever on a global scale together for this event and we’re sure their new site will help attendance to sky rocket.

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