19 January 2015 Video Platform

DATA’s new video platform is on another level!

Senior has kicked off 2015 by completing two stellar projects in as many weeks. The second project, D&TTV, is a dynamic and engaging video platform created for the Design And Technology Association (DATA) and is set to give them an extra edge in 2015.

Our History

2014 saw the start of Senior’s collaboration with DATA and from day one it has been clear that they’re hugely passionate about getting more people involved with the Design and Technology world. They’re a relatively small team with big responsibilities, being one of the leading associations in the UK for teachers of D&T.

Their Requirements

The key objectives for D&TTV were akin to those shared by most membership organisations: to encourage visitors to their website; to add value to membership by making their resources and videos more accessible to members; and to encourage new membership.

The new site has been designed to complement the existing website, reflecting its look and feel while adding fresh, quirky characteristics and features which set it apart. The result is an engaging and memorable video platform.

Key Features

As well as being responsive for all devices, the site boasts a number of key features. The site is designed to be accessible by teachers and pupils alike, as a platform where users are able to view all manner of informative videos, tutorials and talks given by key professionals in the industry. Videos can be organised by ‘Most Popular’ or alphabetical order, can be ‘shared’ among social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and a lights on/off function means viewers are able to watch all videos on a black background; ideal for a learning environment.

Thanks to a single sign on, users can sign into D&TTV and remain logged in if they go into the main DATA website. They’re also able to add different channel s to have control over what viewers can see.


Through D&TTV, DATA’s membership value will increase. A page entirely dedicated to details on becoming a member encourage more individuals to join, and once they have benefits include access to member-only videos not available to the public. We expect to see membership quality and quantity grow over the coming year.

We hope that D&TTV marks the start of a long and fruitful relationship between DATA and Senior and we know that their website will deliver all they imagined and help them hit their goals in 2015.

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