02 September 2015

Game on for British Parking Association's new quiz!

Just five days before the end of August, Senior launched arguably one of the most enjoyable sites we’ve ever completed - a great way to end a fruitful and prolific summer of launches.

Our history

The British Parking Association and Senior have collaborated for several years now on projects of all shapes and sizes, including updates, microsites designed for offering their members key information and quizzes like this one.

What did they want from their new site?

The new quiz aims to teach users about where to park and when, as well as analysing their parking habits, and helping them discover what kind of parker they are. For the BPA, attention to their members is of the utmost importance. They’re constantly thinking of new and engaging ways to help, inform and grow their membership, and this quiz is a great way of achieving this. We worked together to ensure the site balanced perfectly between intuitive usability, the portrayal of necessary information and fresh and engaging graphics, which had to be on brand.

Key features

Our team worked hard to create this perfect mix, working with the BPA every step of the way. A stand-out feature of this website is how complex information and technology is presented in a seemingly simple and easily digestible way.

Special commendation must go to the graphic design team, who have introduced engaging and quirky graphics and subtle nuances which are sure to spark a user’s interest throughout the quiz. These fresh and playful graphics, combined with the smooth functionality and interesting content ensure this is a site which will stir the imaginations of all BPA’s members.


As always the BPA’s high standards mean they have big goals for this site. It’s designed to be sharable and we know that its light and fun nature will mean it receives lots of attention over the coming months. Feel free to have a go and see what kind of parker you are!

Take the quiz now!

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