26 November 2014 Microsite

Know Your Parking Rights is just the ticket!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the BPA’s brand new microsite; Know Your Parking Rights.

We’ve certainly been busy at Senior over the past few months. Riding high from the launch of two individual websites for the Local Media Works and News Media Association last week, Senior have been working on this funky microsite for our long standing partners at the BPA (British Parking Association).

The ‘Know Your Parking Rights’ campaign intends to educate and update consumers and the general public, as well as BPA members, on all things parking, and the microsite has been designed as the hub of information. The site needs to communicate a vast amount of quite complex information into user friendly, digestible advice. The site invites visitors to gain important knowledge which will aid them in anything from appealing a ticket to parking safely, as well as enlightening them on the rules of parking that you may not already know.

The microsite boasts a host of excellent features. A fresh, vibrant design compliments a wealth of eye-catching, engaging graphics. Most importantly the ‘Know Your Parking Rights’ site is easily navigable and neatly laid out, making it simple for the user to find all the information they need. The stand out feature, though, has to be the sticky menu in the right hand corner, complete with tiny car that follows you down the page as you scroll; a technique which creates a clear user journey and signposting to credible sources of information in a fun way.

The new website is informative and helpful as well as fun and user-friendly and we look forward to collaborating on many more exciting projects with the BPA in the future.

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