13 August 2015

Payzone’s Senior revamp pays off

Continuing our summer of successful project completions, Senior is happy to announce its latest release in the form of Payzone’s refreshed site.

Our history

We began our partnership with Payzone more than three years ago, and since then we’ve delivered a number of refreshes for their main site. As well as this they entrusted us with designing and building Payzone Cards, a membership hub for Payzone users- which is also getting ready for a refresh launch over the next few weeks, so watch this space.

What did they want from their new site?

As a company who thrives on remaining ahead of the game, Payzone decided they needed their website to remain a strong competitor in the electronic payment industry. The website was highly functional, but needed an emphasis on the consumer.

Consumer service is a large part of what Payzone do and after our team conducted extensive market research, and worked with Payzone to discover a tone of voice and intuitive user journeys we arrived at the idea of creating custom landing pages for visitors who are consumers, retailers or partners.

Key features

The site boasts a multitude of key features, one of the most ground-breaking being the store locator. We created a brand new feature and module within our enterprise content management system, RiverCMS which will also benefit our future clients.

We added a map feature so consumers can see their closest store, as well as directions to it. The new functionality means Payzone have more control; they can update the locator within RiverCMS, and add more stores to the map themselves.

Our market research for Payzone led us to develop the idea of custom landing pages for each of their 3 specific target audience groups; consumers, retailers and partners. Each area is tailored to the needs of Payzone these audiences, naturally helping to improve user experience. This and the fresh, unique graphics and transitions make the site user-friendly and intuitive.


Over the coming months the site is expected to see increased traffic and engagement, thanks in large part to the store locator. This feature will mean more retailers want to become partners of Payzone so they can appear on the map.

The overall effect of this release will be the development of the store locator so that it becomes advanced and functional as a module within RiverCMS available to all our current and future clients.

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