24 December 2015

On the move: animation is everywhere

Dynamic homepage banners have been the done design for website homepages years now (so if you don’t have one already, where’ve you been??) but the new trend for 2016 has already begun to be seen across most tech savvy websites. By the end of the year, homepages are going to look very different; instead of those scrolling banners and text beneath, it looks like animated, simple photography will take centre stage. Check out our own homepage or to view some excellent examples.

How does this benefit membership organisations like you?

Adding a little animation to your online presence might seem daunting, but it’s actually a really simple task and can be hugely beneficial for an organisation. Animation is not only an interesting way of getting lots of information across using little time and space, but also a great way to engage your users and encourage them to find out more. Best of all you can use it anywhere for anything! We helped the British Parking Association with their animated quiz, 'What Kind of Parker are You?' which was recently shortlisted for the Best Social Media Campaign by the Association Awards.

Read on to prediction number 5: The future today: technology around us

Ask the experts - Anthony, Programmer

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What are your top 5 trends of 2016?

  • Youtube will laugh at Facebook’s attempts for video supremacy, and everything will remain as is, and all will be good in the world.
  • Facebook will try enter the dating world; since dating apps/websites are a great money maker.
  • Wikipedia finally submits, and will show adverts.
  • Autonomous cars will be banned, since they are too “goody goody” and don’t use common sense driving styles.
  • Internet of things will be a ‘thing’, until people realise (from looking at their new live electricity/network usages), that it’s costing too much to run… in fact their smart meter will recommend you stop using the smart meter.

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