14 October 2015

See CCLG’s new site

It gives us great pride to announce that, after nearly a year of working closely with the charity, the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group’s new site is ready to launch. This vast site is a hive of information for families going through an extremely difficult time, and CCLG’s main aim is to ease the stress and anguish of the process.

Our history

CCLG have been an absolutely lovely client to work with; this is the first time Senior and the CCLG have collaborated on a web project and we’re hoping we’ll be able to maintain our partnership over the coming years.

As a charity they have lots of different and fun methods of raising money for their incredibly worthy cause, and we’re happy to say we’ve even been involved too! Last year CCLG inspired us to celebrate their annual Christmas Jumpers for Children’s Cancer day, and this year we’ll again join them on the 18th of December to help raise money and awareness.

What did they want from their new site?

The CCLG’s website has the task of communicating a large variety of information aimed at families whose loved ones are very ill, and as such it needs to be easily accessible. It was vital the information was presented in an easy to understand way, and that its functionality was smooth and intuitive to navigate.

They also needed a CMS that was feature rich, and sophisticated enough to store an extensive amount of membership information, and which could streamline their marketing and communication processes. They found this in MemberBase.

Key features

We spent a long time in workshops with the CCLG, identifying what they were looking for in a site and how they wanted to present their extensive library of information. We decided that their very specific membership body would greatly benefit from the use of a range of multimedia to easily present challenging content. A tour of the homepage alone will reveal the use of audio and video presentations from doctors, carers and other important individuals in the profession.

A clear and clean design were best for such an extensive library of information and the top level navigation is user friendly, encouraging a journey through the site intended to help members find exactly what they’re looking for with minimal effort.

There’s plenty of downloadable content on the site too. Visitors can download a large number of information packs and view a variety of publications. As well as this, ‘calls to action’ such as the highly important ‘Donate Now’ buttons are obvious and easily accessible. We integrated a ‘cart’ function which will aid the CCLG in raising money for the charity.


It’s our sincere hope that the new site will greatly benefit the CCLG. It’s been a pleasure to work with them on this project and we hope we can help them in continuing raising awareness of children’s cancer and leukaemia through their website and through our future collaborations.

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