25 May 2015 Christine Hassall

Senior studio gets a slalom shake-up

If you’ve followed the developments of Senior Internet over the past 9 months you’ll have noticed that the growth of our team has been big news for us! It’s due to this substantial progress that we’ve seen some big changes to the look of the studio, and we’ve created a more ergonomic working environment for all.

We now have our studio team split up into departments; we have our marketing team at the front of the studio, providing the public face of our business and checking up on what we can do to improve, as well as helping our clients do the same. Following them are the client and project managers as well as support, making sure everything in the studio is ticking over smoothly and our clients are happy. The next group are our design and development team, ensuring the sites we create look stylish, up-to-date and fresh and are perfect for our clients to use. At the back of the studio are the programmers, constantly working on strengthening the foundations of our software and technology here at Senior.

Without each member of this team, Senior Internet wouldn’t be what it is today, and we’re excited to see how the new slalom set-up aids production and encourages progression!

Fun Senior Fact

Over the past year we have welcomed 12 brand new professionals through the doors – that’s more than a 3rd of our work force! 


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