31 May 2022

Should I Run Ads on my Website?

Your membership organisation’s website is where your members acquire information, interact with each other, and learn about member benefits.

As the collective voice of your industry or profession, your members regard you as a reliable source for professional guidance and support, as well as member-only benefits such as "preferred partner" products and services.

Including advertising on your website using tools like banner ads, from companies that have been thoroughly vetted and researched for integrity and true member benefit can be a plus for your organisation or association as it is beneficial as value-added services for your members.

Benefits of Having Ads on Your Website

There are several reasons why organisations introduce ads to their membership websites:

Advertisements provide information

You'll receive vital insight into the products or services your members are most interested in if you run a series of customised ads and track the metrics of what works best. More importantly, you'll be able to observe what doesn't work and plan better for future advertisements.

A steady source of revenue

If you want to put ads on your membership website, you have to sign up for ad networks like AdSense. AdSense, which Google runs, works by matching advertisements to your site depending on its content and the number of visitors it receives. The result is a set of tailored ads related to your site's content which is better for both you and your visitors.

Alternatively, you can privately sell ad space on your website. Consider it similar to selling a physical billboard where you set your price, locate a buyer, and display their ad for a set period. This option allows you more control over the advertisements your members will view, as well as the option of charging a monthly fee or a per-click fee.

Running advertisements may appear to be a slow-burner at first. Still, it has the potential to evolve into a steady source of revenue. It's also important to keep in mind that the more traffic your site receives, the higher your ad revenue.

The Drawbacks of Permitting Advertisements on Your Website

Users find them annoying

The problem with ads on websites, especially membership sites is that few people enjoy them! They can be annoying and somewhat loud at times and can even slow down your browsing experience considerably. It's why so many individuals use ad-blocking software while they're online.

However, you should resist the temptation to block members who employ ad-blocking software. Don’t chase your members away because they don't want to view the ads; the primary goal of your membership site is to help and support its members by giving them what they need which is the content that brought them in the first place.

Advertisements might make your website appear unappealing

It can be aggravating to visit a membership website only to be bombarded with pop-up ads, advertisements on both sides of the material, and even more advertisements in the center of the text you're reading. When seen on a mobile device, this can harm the user experience, hence driving potential members away from your website.

Also, consider the credibility factor: visitors may have less faith in your products or services if there are several advertisements across the screen.

Google ads manager can help you solve this disadvantage because it gives you control of your ad appearance and niche. With google ads manager, you can block ads you don't like, customise where ads appear, and choose which types fit your site best. The problem is that many people don't know how to get this done or navigate their way with google ads manager, so if this is a problem you are experiencing, we can help you resolve it at Senior Inernet. Talk to us and let's help make your membership website the best it can be!

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