28 April 2015 Christine Hassall

The big switch!

Senior At Your Servers!

As always, we have some exciting news here at Senior Internet! We’re pleased to announce that last weekend- after working through the night and finishing almost at dawn- we successfully transferred our hosting solution in London from Global Switch to Telehouse West, the UK’s premier data centre.

The move means a complete hardware refresh which includes brand new servers, switches, SAN, firewalls, gateways and fibre channel switches - in other words; a server make-over!

In layman’s terms this means we’ve now got cutting-edge fast servers running the latest software platforms with more space available to deliver a greater number of projects. This will enable our websites and web based services to be delivered faster than ever. Your audience will benefit from faster pageloads leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the server cluster which was housed in Global Switch has been brought back to Nottingham and added to our disaster recovery centre. This new solution remains 100% virtualised but with a higher storage capacity and increased performance. This is excellent news for Senior and our clients as it means that we have a state of the art disaster recovery solution that’s capable of running the entire Senior catalogue from our headquarters in Nottingham. 

Faster technology, larger and more sophisticated sites leading to better visitor experiences; Senior is now equipped to improve your web presence and our next goal is to revamp our own site! Watch this space for more updates and follow the action on Facebook and Twitter!

Fun Senior Fact:

In 2014 our servers delivered 23 million page views and in 2015 were expecting to deliver over 30 million! We've made room for more, so don't forget to get in touch!


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