17 March 2015 Christine Hassall

The Great Senior Bake Off

Last summer Senior Internet began a partnership with the Design and Technology Association. As well as their investment in a brand new video platform, DATA gave us an idea for a great inter-office challenge; one that would have the whole team here at Senior pitted against one another in that most delicious of competitions: the bake off.

That’s right, a baker’s dozen of competitors are set to go head to head whisking, stirring, mixing and icing their way to the top spot to be named Star Baker. The winner will receive a coveted Senior and e-days certificate to hang pride of place next to their desks. The only downside for the winner could be the high level of demand for more delicious cakes from the team!

Click to follow the team on their cakey journey and find out the results of the Great Senior Bake Off here!


In case you missed it...