19 September 2014

The race is on at Senior Internet!

Tuesday evening saw the folks at Senior undertake our most competitive social yet! Last night’s Go Karting social at F1-K in Loughborough was a total success, although the result gave rise to a rather controversial conclusion!

A fearsome rivalry has been developing over the past few socials between our Accounts Manager, Ben Mactaggart, and the big cheese himself, Mr Pete Senior. This came to a head on Tuesday when Pete and Ben remained hot on each other’s heels throughout the entire 50 lap race.  Both parties maintain that they held the lead throughout the game, so much so that it was impossible to distinguish which was the victor. A scoreboard revealed at the end of the race should have put an end to the question; until- to his outrage- Ben discovered his kart had no tracker and therefore was placed last next to a time of 00:00:00, leaving Pete in the number one spot.

Ben had this to say:

“When I brought my kart to a halt, there was surely one outcome; standing on top of podium! …But NO! I had neglected to realise that a certain Mr Senior had tampered with my car; disabling my transponder. Devilishly cunning tactics, and it seems a win at all costs mentality which I had already had a glimpse of at the golf social. I feel more cheated than a team playing against Man Utd under Howard Webb!”

It’s clear where Mr Mactaggart stands on the matter. Ever the showman, Pete took a different tack:

“I’m really pleased to see a great competitive spirit growing within the company. It’s healthy for communication, team work and striving to achieve great work.

"The social events have given us all opportunity to compete in a range of activities and I’m really pleased to have come out top in both the golf and the karting challenges this year. It shows that experience and a cool head can win the day. I look forward to the next competitions and hope that I’ll be able to set the standard to beat once again.”

What is for sure is that Pete’s position at the top was closely followed by graduate Developer, John Bradshaw and Tricia Durrant, our Client Services Director, and the question remains; 'Will Ben Mactaggart ever take on Pete Senior… and win?’ 

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