05 May 2015 Christine Hassall

Vote Senior!

The day is almost upon us when the nation will make some rather difficult choices. If you’re a membership organisation, you’re no stranger to difficult decisions- when it comes to your website at least- and we’re here to make it easy for you. When starting out on a web revamp you probably feel you’ll have to ask yourself that most difficult of questions: what’s its main function?

Here at Senior we’ve worked with over 40 membership organisations on improving their web presence and along the way we’ve picked up on what you need most in a website.

So in the spirit of the elections, we present to you the Senior Manifesto, a list of what you can expect if you choose Senior as your next digital agency!

We pledge to:

1. Help you engage your current members

At Senior, we know the way to do this is simple; first of all you could take the time to connect and encourage conversation with members on social media. We’ll help you update your website with pictures and graphics relating to your industry, and organisation itself so you look friendly and approachable.

2. Draw in new members

Whatever your industry, and whoever your key demographic, we know you want to make sure your website is appealing and communicates the ethos of your organisation. There are multifarious ways of telling your members about you, from email marketing campaigns to holding events for professionals in your industry.

3. Make it easy for you to keep your site up to date

We appreciate you need a CMS you can update yourself, that’s easy to use and is tailored to your needs. This is a concept that’s often overlooked by membership organisations, especially those who have been established for a while, but making sure your current and potential members know that they’re part of a team who can move with the times and remain cutting edge is hugely important.

4. Give you easy navigability

We understand that you want to reward your members with a site that is visually appealing, encourages a user journey and is unsurpassable in its functionality. We've helped lots of membership organisations on a spring clean for their site. With us, your website will be neat, tidy, and easy to use.

5. Ensure your site is the knowledge hub for your industry 

We know that you have a diverse group of members, and we’ll help you let them know that you understand why they’re in your industry, and why they’ve picked your organisation to work with. We can ensure you’ll be the main knowledge hub for professionals in your industry and you know you can only do this by keeping your site relevant.

6. Make your content easily digestible

Infographics, images, pictures, testimonials; here at Senior we’re well practiced in communicating a large about of content in a small space. We have plenty of ideas to help you make your content more user-friendly, so your members can stay up to date in their industry with your help.

7. Offer you constant support Mon – Fri, 9am – 5.30pm

We have a support team on hand to take your emails and calls when you need us most. Our dedicated team have been working with our Content Management System, RiverCMS, since its inception in 2008, and there’s no one better suited to helping you make the most of our software. If you have any troubles we have a support system ready to help.

8. Build your members a dedicated member area

We understand that your membership benefits are many, and you have information that your users can only be party to if they join you, and to do so is a quick and simple process. We’ll help you show your new members how proud you are to have them in your corner by having testimonials and case studies of how you’ve helped them.

Luckily with Senior Internet Ltd, you can be assured your site will be in good hands. Using our River CMS you can regularly update content all over your site, we dedicate days of our time to training and we’re always on hand with a support team who is ready to answer your questions. We know how to engage members and we can make sure that we bring you the latest modules and gadgets to help your web presence inform, engage and appeal.

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