22 August 2014

WebAward - Rail Technology Magazine 2013

About The WebAwards

The WebAwards is the competition from the Web Marketing Association and is now in its 17th year. The organisation is comprised of internet marketing, online advertising, PR and web design experts who are passionate about improving the quality of online advertising and internet marketing.

It is dedicated to naming the best websites across 96 industries and aims to increase the standards of modern web design.

Rail Technology Magazine

Rail Technology Magazine (RTM) collected the Best Magazine Website award in 2013. Up against tough competition, the website was praised for its engaging design and smooth navigation. The website features over 49,000 pages of content, including blogs, white papers and videos.

The website's ability to host this content in an organised, structured and aesthetically-pleasing way helped the website to stand out among other entries.

Aim of the website

RTM, created by Cognitive Publishing approached us with the aim to build an industry specific online magazine, where the reader will find themselves immersed in the content. The objective was to encourage readers to click through the website's variety of articles and generate a large volume of traffic to entice brands to advertise on their website.

Special features

A host of special features were also developed for the website. These include a Google News API, which allows RTM to embed Google News within its site. This enables visitors to quickly locate news without exiting the site.

Adtech integration is another feature of the website. By incorporating the application into the website, RTM can quickly serve and evaluate their online advertising campaigns. This highlights the adaptability of our RiverCMS system and how it can easily co-exist with other software.

Complex layout templates were introduced to showcase the wide variety of content effectively on each page. News, research, blogs and video content are all featured on the page in a spacious layout that is easy to browse through.


•25.24% goal completion increase over 12 months.
•517% traffic increase over two years.
•Reduced bounce rate by 79% over a year.

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